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Pedophilic & Corrupt Corporate Media Celebrates 10-Year-Old “Trans” Runway Model

Matt Walsh for Tuesday August 23, 2022 | Ep. #1007
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00:00 – Opening
01:58 – Media Celebrates 10-Year-Old ‘Trans’ Runway Model
13:10 – Fauci Steps Down From Leadership
22:49 – Berkeley Segregates It’s Students
28:21 – Christian School Principle Receives Death Threats
31:05 – Fossilized Handgun Found In Toronto
32:13 – Rolling Stone Names Harry Styles The New King Of Pop
38:06 – Man Uses Hot Dog As A Straw
40:19 – The Comments Section
48:52 – The Education System Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media celebrates the “youngest trans model” in the country. The child is only ten and his story, far from inspirational, is tragic and terrifying. Also, after a disastrous career, Dr Fauci finally decides to go away. A university sets up black-only housing to protect black students from “white violence.” The Toronto police brag about seizing a firearm that was manufactured during the French and Indian war. Michael Jackson fans are mad at Harry Styles. And in our Daily Cancellation, can college students name our country’s capital? Do they even know we have a capital?

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