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The Groomers Want To Ban You From Calling Them Groomers | Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh for Friday July 22, 2022 | Ep. #992
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00:00 – Opening
02:02 – The Groomers Want To Ban You From Calling Them Groomers
15:08 – Psychiatrists Have Known For Years That Antidepressants Aren’t Effective
28:07 – Trans “Woman” That Used His Daughter To Make Porn Was Transferred To A Women’s Prison
31:31 – New Mexico News Station Ran A Segment On Preferred Pronouns
40:36 – The Latest Display Of Climate Activism Is Causing Shark Attacks
43:56 – The Comments Section
54:42 – The “Right To Contraception Act” Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Big Tech is now hunting down and banning anyone who accuses LGBT activists of “grooming.” Why aren’t we allowed to say that? Well, because it’s true. Also, more fallout from the bombshell report revealing that Big Pharma has been lying for years about the anti-depressants it sells. Plus, we’ll check in on a local news segment with an “HR expert” about the correct approach to preferred pronouns in the workplace. And Democrats in the House pass the Right To Contraception Act, codifying our alleged God given right to birth control, and destroying religious religion, not to mention common sense, in the process.

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