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Time for ANSWERS on U.S. money to Ukraine, Zelenksyy corruption | Glenn Beck

President Biden — and those in his cabinet — have Ukraine on the brain. In fact, far-left leaders have been ‘obsessed’ with Ukraine since the Obama years, Glenn explains. But back in 2014, Ukraine was considered to be a corrupt nation that needed our help rooting out the deceit (at least, that’s what they told us). But now, Congress continues to funnel hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars to Ukraine, with practically no oversight to how it’s being spent. Why are we writing them what seems to be a blank check? Is Ukraine still corrupt? Is President Zelenksyy an honest leader? It’s time for ANSWERS. In this clip, Glenn discusses all those questions, plus he’s joined by Rep. Spartz — who is from Ukraine — to give her thoughts as well…

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