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Another Massive Big Pharma Scam Revealed | Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh for Thursday July 21, 2022 | Ep. #991
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00:00 – Opening
02:08 – Another Massive Big Pharma Scam Revealed
16:59 – Biden Has Tested Positive For Covid
21:58 – Venue Canceled Chappelle Comedy Show Due To Trans Jokes
26:18 – AOC Addresses Faux Handcuffing
30:52 – Teacher Brags About Making Students Use Pronouns
35:12 – More Environmental Hysteria
38:38 – Christians Touting Results Of New Poll, Matt Thinks Otherwise
41:01 – The Comments Section
49:04 – Doc Marie’s In Portland Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Big Pharma has millions of people hooked on antidepressants but a bombshell new study reveals that everything they told us about the drugs is false. This is just the latest Big Pharma scam to be exposed. Also, speaking of Big Pharma fails, Joe Biden has been vaccinated three times and yet still contracted COVID. This was announced a day after the president seemed to say that he has cancer. What is that all about? Plus, AOC tries to defend herself against the charge that she faked being in handcuffs. Dave Chapelle’s upcoming show is moved to a different venue after trans activists complained. In our Daily Cancellation, a lesbian bar in Portland falls victim to the woke mob, in hilarious fashion.

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