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Twitter to Elon Musk: See you in court! | Trish Regan

Buckle up. Trish Regan for Monday July-11-2022
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Twitter is suing Tesla Founder Elon Musk after he sought to terminate his $44 billion dollar deal to buy the company. According to the Musk-Twitter merger agreement, Musk doesn’t have a clear path to cancel the deal unless…

Unless he can prove that Twitter has experienced a “Material Adverse Change” or “Material Adverse Effect” (extremely rare events in the merger world.)

Meanwhile, Twitter intends to enforce the $54.20 a share price tag and has announced that it will take him to court to ensure the full price.

In today’s show, I’m handicapping Elon’s chances of success for getting out of the deal…as well as looking at whether this might be a ploy to lower the purchase price (again, a rare event–but, it did happen in the Tiffany LVMH merger.)

Plus, amid more economic uncertainty, KeyCity Capital’s Charlie Dombeck is back on the show to tell us about his unique way to score yield amid a challenging stock market; he’s investing in ultra high end luxury cars that have been damaged and need to be rebuilt. From a 2021 Aston Martin Superleggera to a 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.. Dombeck says his lending portfolio is seeing strong returns by “remaking” some of the world’s most incredible and luxurious cars.

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