Anarchy Erupts In the Netherlands and Across The World… And That’s A Great Thing! | DollarVigilante

DollarVigilante for Wednesday July 06, 2022
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***** Sources for this video *****
Intro Video: Anarchapulco The Place To Be. Enigmatico:

Biden Announces Permanent US Base In Poland, America’s First On NATO Eastern Flank:

Biden & G-7 Push World Into “Nightmare Scenario”:

Sam Brinton = It’s official. As of June 19th, I now serve my nation as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy in the Department of Energy.

Dutch farmers protest against green reforms:

Why the Netherlands is the 2nd largest food exporter in the world:

Video:Wait what???? Climate change increases sex based violence against woman and girls and indigenous women of colour???

IEA: Europe Will Have To Cut Gas Usage By Nearly One-Third:

They are going hard after the anti-vaxxers now. First they tried to kill Carrie Madej and now… tDr. Vladimir ‘Zev’ Zelenko passes away:

The Quadruple-Vaccinated Fauci Said He Is Experiencing A “Much Worse” Covid Rebound After Being Treated With Pfizer’s Antiviral Medication Paxlovid:

Snake Oil: The Most Vaxxed Country In Europe Now Has Its Worst Covid Outcomes:

Monkeypox. Portugal is country with most cases per million inhabitants:

“Criminal! Criminal! Criminal!” – Angry Protesters Greet Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla at Award Ceremony in Israel as the President of Israel presented him with the Genesis Prize(VIDEO):

Recession is your fault you grumps!

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