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Flat Earth Truth of the Big Bang Lie & New Age Deception | Full Documentary (2015)

Celebrate Truth for Wednesday November 11, 2015

This 2 hour documentary explores the connections with the big bang universe lie and new age spirituality. The Flat Earth truth is that we are not some random spinning ball flying through space from a big explosion. We are not just one planet out of trillions of others. The entire big bang universe has been put in place to give us no purpose while being told we are just an accident. This will open us up to the great deception that will come into the world in the last days. The entire evolution big bang hoax is put in place so we will accept the lies from Satan. Soon we will find other life then we will make contact. What comes next will change the world.

Don’t be deceived. God created us in an enclosed world made special and there is no other life out in space. Look into monkey man science and expose all their lies. Look into NASA and how they continually fool the world with their fake space expeditions. Oh, and there is definitely a spiritual side to this. See what the masters have been teaching the most influential and powerful people on earth.

Does the scientific community, NASA and the world elite have something to hide about our existence? Absolutely! Research, study and explore the truth on these topics because it’s something that is too important not to take seriously.

If you think anyone that believes that the earth is not a spinning ball flying through space then you must believe in global warming and love people like this. You probably believe the official story for 9/11 as well.

Video credits used in this documentary:

The Big Bang… a Big Lie?

The Bible Flat Earth vs. NASA Ball Earth – Satan Deceives The World

Megeddo II The New Age

Celebrate Truth John 14:6. Blessings.

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