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29 year-old “trans” ‘biological male’ beats 13 year-old girl in skateboarding competition | Perversion & corruption

Sky News Australia for Tuesday June 28, 2022

A 29-year-old transwoman beating a 13 year old girl in a skateboarding competition shows how the whole thing was “entirely stacked” in the winner’s favour, says Sky News host James Morrow.

A 29-year-old transgender woman beat a 13-year-old girl to take home the top prize in a skateboarding contest in New York City, reports the New York Post.

Ricci Tres, from Los Angeles, who was born a man but now identifies as a woman, won the women’s division of the Boardr Open street skateboarding competition and a $US500 prize.

Four of the six finalists were under the age of 17.

“I do sense that the more stories there are like this, the more just the general sense of people saying things like look we want to be sympathetic but we also want fairness – that’s starting to be the groundswell I think,” Mr Morrow said.

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