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The Michelson Morley experiment proves FLAT WATER EARTH

“The Michelson/Morley experiment was simple in concept. A light beam was split. One of the split beams was sent at a right angle to earth’s supposed direction of travel and the other was sent along the path of the earth’s supposed direction of travel. The light traveling in the direction of the earth’s travel should have taken longer than the light traveling at right angles to the earth’s direction of travel. To the amazement of the scientific world, the results were null, meaning that there was no difference in the speed of the light beams. That meant that the earth was motionless.
The Michelson/Morley experiment shook the scientific world. The results of the experiment could not be attacked, as the experiment was meticulously conducted, using precise instruments, and it was performed by Albert A. Michelson, whom The New York Times described as America’s greatest physicist.
The Michelson/Morley experiment (1887) does not stand alone. It is joined in its confirmation of a stationary earth by the James Bradley experiment (1729) (proving that the ether is not carried along by the earth), the Sagnac experiment (1913) (proving that there is in fact an ether), the Michelson/Gale experiment (1925) (proving that the ether passes over the earth once every 24 hours), and Airy’s failure (1871) (proving that the stars move, carried by the ether, while the earth remains stationary). There are many other experiments that have each time given results that were not only consistent with a stationary earth but indicative of a stationary earth, from the light polarization experiments of E. Muscart in 1872 to the mutual inductance experiments of Theodore de Coudres in 1889 to the 1903 Touton Noble experiments.
Indeed, there is not a single experiment that proves that the earth moves. The moving earth is based entirely on a theory and is contradicted by all of the experimental evidence.”
-Edward Hendrie-
“The Greatest Lie On Earth”


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