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GOD ‘s Enclosed Flat Earth Investigation | Full Documentary (2015)

©Celebrate Truth for Tuesday September 29, 2015

GOD ‘s Enclosed Flat Earth Investigation | Full Documentary 2015 Parts 1-12

When you read the Bible literally you get an entire different earth-view than what you’ve been taught by the pseudo-scientific community. Monkey man science, NASA & the Globalists have lied to us about the earth, sun, moon and stars. GOD ‘s Word the Bible has made it very clear. In this brilliant documentary Mark Sargent goes through each clue into this Truth that the world you live on has been a lie. Why would they do this? They lied about evolution. They have lied about the big bang, the universe, the planets and so much more. Your life will never be the same if you wake up to this Truth

Mark Sargent’s Channel

Original Videos: Flat Earth Clues

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Paul Cheeft

Zedetic Flat Earth

Rob Skiba

Mr Thrive & Survive


Bible Creationland


John 14:6 Blessings.

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