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Financial expert Carol Roth WARNS: Left wants a trajectory LIKE VENEZUELA | Glenn Beck

Americans continue to suffer financially, and many of them — including Glenn — may be wondering: Is now the time to pull assets from today’s tumultuous stock market? Carol Roth, financial expert and author of ‘The War On Small Business,’ joins Glenn to answer similar questions. And while Roth cannot give financial advice based on YOUR individual situation, she does provide insight into market trends and give tips for how to hedge your portfolio. Plus, Roth and Glenn discuss Biden’s recent letter to oil companies, in which the president warned his ‘emergency authorities’ may take over if they don’t do as told. But that’s similar to how Venezuela’s downfall began, Roth explains, and now the median net worth there is ZERO DOLLARS. And unfortunately, she says, it seems that’s the trajectory today’s far-left wants to take too…

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