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FEBs Hologram! M.A.D Shockwaves!

Welcome back to another classic FEB Flatterday Show!

Tonight we go double deep on our investigation with unnerving finds. From San Francisco 1906 to Hamburg 1945 or even the so called Atom Bombs of 1945 what do they all have in common? The answer is bullshit narratives. We examine the stories with startling results.

Topics included in tonight Live show!
Iceberg’s & atmospherically testing weapons could there be a link?
Presented a mindblowing book called The Great Work, which it is.
The book gives an account of the nature of reality ,and questions the Globe ,and what they tells us the shape of the Earth actually is.
The book reminds us how little we know of anything. Enjoy!

Also included in todays show American Civil war lies.
Funny asfuckness sesh.
Meltology old photos.
Pics of the day .and a squillion Martin thoughts! Tar Much luv!

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SF Aftermath footage.
‘Nuke tests’
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