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The Leftist Plot To Destroy Childhood Innocence | Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh for Thursday June 09, 2022 | Ep. #968
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00:00 – Opening
02:11 – The Leftist Plot To Destroy Childhood Innocence
13:38 – Mainstream Media Not Reporting On Assassination Attempt Of Brett Kavanaugh
24:53 – Joe Biden’s Gibberish On Jimmy Kimmel
30:03 – Joy Behar’s Racist Take On Gun Violence
31:48 – Jack Del Rio Points Out Hypocrisy In Treatment Of January 6 vs BLM Riot
37:46 – Matt’s Hot Take On The Ruined Proposal At Disney
40:27 – The Comments Section
48:23 – Professor Dave Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a proposed law in Texas has propelled the Left to openly defend child drag shows. One such defender says that childhood innocence is a myth and fueled by prejudice. A revealing admission. We’ll talk about it. Also, a crazed leftist tries to kill Brett Kavanaugh, but you’d never know it if you rely on corporate media for your news. Plus, Joe Biden disintegrates on live TV while talking to Jimmy Kimmel. Joy Behar claims that black people don’t have guns. We’ll fact check that claim. And a DisneyLand employee is feeling the heat for intervening in a marriage proposal. In our Daily Cancellation, a popular YouTuber debunks my film What Is A Woman. Or so I’m told. We’ll take a look and see how he did.

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