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Insanely Creepy Things Found On Google Earth

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Narrated by James LaFleur
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From bizarre sea creatures to mysterious places that no one can explain in this video we will take a look at Insanely Creepy things found on Google earth.
If you consider yourself a curious person then you’ve probably used Google earth at some point in your life. It’s a very cool app where you can actually explore things via Satellite imagery. The first thing I did was zoom in at my house and it was there. I was scared…but that was it. it was there. But then I realized that If I could see my house from this app I could explore mysterious and creepy places, and it wasn’t just me, thousands of people are exploring google earth every day and sometimes people will come across mysterious and unexplained things , scary creatures and things of sort. In this video I will analyze the most mysterious and creepiest google maps images on Google Earth. Are you ready ?
Welcome to the Impossible Channel where I analyze the strangest and most mind blowing internet videos found online. I’m James LaFleur and I upload 2 videos per week for your entertainment so be sure to get ready for more content like this.

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