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Dragging Kids Into The Perverted LGBT Cult | Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh for Tuesday May 31, 2022
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00:00 – Opening
01:52 – Dragging Kids Into The LGBT Cult
11:31 – Happy White Boy Summer
12:37 – Lia Thomas Speaks After NCAA Backlash
23:04 – Trying To Dissect What The Left Means When They Say They Want To Ban ‘Assult Weapons’
36:40 – Texas Massacre Gunman Had Previous Picture Holding Dead Cats
41:00 – Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Arrested For DUI
43:24 – The Comments Section
52:41 – Multiple Personality Disorder Is Cancelled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, one day out from the premier of What Is A Woman? we’ll talk about a few stories that highlight why this film is necessary. Speaking of which, Lia Thomas was interviewed by Good Morning America where he defended his decision to steal opportunities from female swimmers. But in an exclusive clip from What Is A Woman?, which we’ll play today, a female swimmer on Thomas’s team reveals what it’s really like behind the scenes. Also, the mask comes off as the Left pushes for a ban on handguns. They just instated one in Canada, in fact. Meanwhile, new revelations about the Texas shooter show just how many red flags were ignored before he committed his massacre.

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