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FEBs Set In Stone The Medusa Effect! & Chat With WatersAbove Crypto!

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By Public Demand Flatterday live is back! Double Flat Thumbs!
Welcome back to a special show with top quality everything.
In this 2 part show.
Behold! Juicy topics include.
Was the Myth of Medusa really telling us the ancients used EM technology?
A technology that turns people to stone?
We examine photo realistic art ,and neo- classical art for clues with exquisite ,and mindblowing images ,and result’s.
Included tonight comedy sesh & a look at old World photos of Calcutta.
Part 2
A cool interview with Youtuber Watersabove Crypto channel.

Tons of truth ,and information in todays show I hope you join ,and enjoy FEBs famous live chat stream. Enjoy!
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