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Biden Visits Buffalo. Still Has No Time For Waukesha. | Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh for Thursday May 19, 2022 | Ep. #955

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00:00 – Opening
01:45 – Biden Visits Buffalo. Still Has No Time For Waukesha.
13:17 – New Virus, MonkeyPox, Has Been Identified In The US
18:19 – Media Hating On Republicans Who Didn’t Vote For ‘Access To Baby Formula’ Act
21:48 – Congressional Hearing Proves Pro-Abortion Advocates Can’t Answer The Most Basic Questions
29:42 – Libs Double Down On “Birthing People” Language
32:58 – MSNBC Claims Conservatives Are Hijacking Homeschooling Out Of Racism
27:24 – Matt Critiques Famous Art
39:28 – The Comments Section
46:11 – Jo Leuhmann Is Cancelled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Joe Biden goes to Buffalo to exploit the dead for his own political gain. Also, a pro-abortion activist at a congressional hearing claims that men can get pregnant. There are several important clips from the hearing that we’ll watch and discuss today. The media is now panicking over a new virus, monkeypox. Should we join them in their hysteria? And MSNBC warns that homeschooling is a secret plot to destroy the public education system. They’re wrong. It’s not a secret. In our Daily Cancellation, a theologian says that it’s better for black babies to be aborted than adopted by white families. This is what passes for theology these days.

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