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Discovery+ Channel Goes Full Groomer With ‘Drag Kids’ Reality Show | Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh for Monday May-02-2022 | Ep. #942
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00:00 – Opening
01:41 – Discovery+ Goes Full Groomer With ‘Drag Kids’ Reality Show
14:05 – Biden Attends The White House Correspondents Dinner
21:49 – New Book Makes The Claim That Kamala Is A Diva
25:14 – Asa Hutchinson Says He Is Considering Running For President
28:31 – Mexican Police Found Pile Of 150 Skulls From A 1000 Year Old Cold Case
33:44 – DHS Secretary Defends The Ministry Of Truth
39:18 – Man Rage Cries About Testing Positive For COVID
42:13 – The Comments Section
48:01 – Robyn The Neuro Latinx Trans-Binary Divergent Theologian Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Discovery just announced a new show about cross dressing children called “Generation Drag.” The corporate media will continue grooming and sexualizing kids, no matter what it costs them. Also, Biden thinks the economic devastation he’s causing is hilarious. The DHS secretary tries to defend his agency’s new Ministry of Truth. And in our Daily Cancellation, we meet a transqueer Latinx neurodivergent public theologian. What do any of those words mean? We’ll find out today, maybe.

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