Insanity of “Space” and “ISS” ⛔🛰🚀

⛔🛰🚀 Insanity of “Space” and “ISS”

“Space” does NOT exist – it’s a direct violation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Natural Law can NOT be violated with “cartoon balls in space” religion. Heliocentrism violates logical reasoning and promotes insanity and religious fundamentalism. ISS is just a studio for mocking the blind Heliocentric believers. “Space Force” will come with budget bigger than that of NASA, which has increased to 22 BILLION dollars a year, or 61 MILLION a day. This video will demonstrate the insanity of the Heliocentric religion, “space”,”ISS” and “Space Force”. I know that most Helio fanatics will attack, call me names and have an opinion about me, as always but, they will never be able to think about the points brought up here. How sad.

❤ Love and respect to all honest people who care about the truth of our reality and lies of Heliocentric (pseudo science) deception.

The Flat Earth is Truth – It’s an obvious and observable FACT.

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