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Apocalypse 101 – BLUE BEAM

Support the stream: “… wait for The Sign… then all prisoners will be released…” – The Keymaster, Ghostbusters. A bluish-white beam of light will shoot up from the earth, a sky pillar of light, bringing great change to our world.

Aloha! Thanks for visiting my channel! Journey with me as we search for the truth, balancing reason & creativity! Let your imagination roam free as we ponder the implications of reality, much more wonderfilled and magical than we ever thought possible! Good vibes and good journey!

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Subjects covered on this channel include:
Hidden history, fringe reality, alternative theories, the fractalverse, microcosm, macrocosm, real titans and giants, Fantazoids, the cyclical worldwide cataclysm (reset) I call the Plasma Apocalypse (plasma apocalypse cycle), the El, Elu and Elvin race, mud fossils, mud floods, the electric universe, the zombie apocalypse, real monsters, Mt. Meru the plasma volcano, immortality, the dome of the world, alternative cosmology, instant petrification, pole shift, polarity shift, inner earth, other realms, real magic or magik, super powers including telekenesis, super strength, telepathy, electrokinesis, psychic ablilities, esoteric symbolism (some call ‘symbology’), origins, etymology, aliens, alternate earths and more!

🚩 Attribution 🚩

Any and all media played in this video are that of my own or used under Creative Commons, or used with permission.
-Special thanks to: Epidemic Sound (royalty free music) and Streamlabs (streaming software) for the use of their services.

– ‘Synthwave Robot Animation Loop’ (background animation used in credits) provided by: and
The above material has been modified from the original, by JayDreamerZ and is used under Creative Commons Attribution Licensing. This is a copywritten work used with permission.
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