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The Massive Government Coverup To Protect An Infanticidal Serial Killer | Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh for Friday Apr-08-2022 | Ep. 926
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00:00 – Opening
01:51 – The Massive Government Coverup To Protect An Infanticidal Serial Killer
14:18 – Dems Fawn Over KBJ Supreme Court Confirmation
24:51 – Students Hold The Atlantic Accountable For Their Disinformation Hypocrisy
33:42 – Documentary On Maria Lucio Paints Her As Innocent, Her Daugher Proves Otherwise
41:35 – American Airlines Has A New Innovation: Busses
43:31 – The Comments Section
47:42 – Bi-Romantic Asexuals Are Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the latest on the murder of five infants by an abortionist serial killer in DC. It’s a story that the corporate media, the local government, and the federal government has decided to completely ignore. Also, Judge Jackson is confirmed as the first black woman Supreme Court Justice, and also the first Supreme Court Justice who can’t define the word woman. A historic occasion, indeed. Plus mainstream media journalists hold a seminar on “disinformation,” but things don’t go as they planned during the Q&A portion. And American Airlines has an exciting new aviation invention: buses. In our Daily Cancellation, what the hell is a bi-romantic asexual? It’s the latest LGBT innovation, and it makes no sense at all.

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