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E.A. Koetting Drug Addict, and Daniel Host of End of Days Radio

Matthew Joseph Lawrence, 33, who goes by E.A. Koetting, was arrested and faced charges: five third-degree felony counts for possession of drugs, one third-degree felony count of being restricted possessors of a firearm, and one misdemeanor for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Drug addict, Matthew Lawrence, a.k.a E.A. Koetting, has been using the occult and Satanism to fund his drug addiction for years. E.A is a bullshit artist and is most famous for his snake oil occult infomercials and Satanic books that push demonic possession on the weak and gullible teenagers. One of his readers, a fragile youth, (for legal reasons, no names will be given) was arrested for murdering other teens based upon human sacrifice lessons found in Koetting’s books. It is crucial to discuss charlatans and Satanists like Koetting to illustrate just how dangerous and lost occult initiates are.

Koetting’s completely unoriginal repackaging of the lexicon off Demonology, including the pantheon of demons, which he loves to claim are merely ancient Gods with demonic Judea Christian names, appeals to young, estranged teenagers who feel powerless, are trying to break away from mommy and daddy, much like Koetting, and want free power through demonic rituals instead of actual mental work.

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