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FEBs Super Truther Flatterday! Waking To The Illusion! With Very Special Guests!

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Oi oi Double Flat Thumbs! Happy Flatterday.
Welcome to Super flatterday with very special guests lined for what promises to be a magical show.
This is the last Flatterday show before our super fantastic Conference only one week away. Excited? Are you going? Get Tickets Now!

Presented first some pictures, and questions concerning an utterly devastated France in the mid nineteen century. What really happened?
A Reset me thinketh.
Pics shares then
On with the show! guests include.
Alex ,Conspiracy mystic Guru.
David Weiss the man himself may give us a visit.
Roxanne & Rich from Double Oh 7 & the Wide Awake Show.
Does this sound like a fuckton of epicness & Truth.

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