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WORSE THAN NAZIS, Not Even Close — The Democratic Party and US Catholic Bishops | Michael Voris

Michael Voris for Friday Apr-08-2022

With the horrific images from Washington, D.C., earlier this week, the whole world can now see the extent of the evil foisted on it by the combination of the Democratic Party and the U.S. bishops.

The United States is the abortion capital of the world when you factor in the foreign policy angle, meaning Democrats and RINO Republicans tie foreign aid aimed at poor nations to their acceptance of abortion and contraception. In their view, the best way to eliminate poverty is to just kill the poor.

All of this raises the legitimate and long-overdue question, How is being a Democrat any different from being a member of the Nazi Party? In truth, the Nazis could only dream of such evil and atrocities and killing.

Democrats, many of them fake Catholics that cowardly bishops have refused to deal with (lest their own crimes be revealed by their child-killing counterparts), have the blood of tens of millions on their hands. In fact, the Nazis actually look tame standing next to this rot.

Yes, Hell does have chambers for the truly evil — where the well-deserved torture and everlasting agony will be more intense and severe. The Democrats, each and every one, need to be expelled from the Church, excommunicated; and any bishop who does not comply needs to be treated the same way.

The Democratic Party has become the home of every foul, filthy and despicable anti-Christian belief possible. If they want to go to Hell, fine. Let them, but they shouldn’t be allowed to besmirch the name of the Church any longer. Expel them all, without exception, just as St. Paul said.

The handful, likely a very small handful, who repent and renounce membership in the Party of Death should be welcomed back with open arms. But the rest of the infant-murdering, anal-sex-loving, child-perverting crowd — to Hell with the lot of them. Talk about dying in your sins.

The Pharisees were just hypocrites. They didn’t kill children, yet they were still bad enough to warrant damnation from the mouth of the Blessed Lord. Considering that, just imagine what this lot will incur.

And speaking of hypocrites, the U.S. hierarchy — hypocrites and child killers and homosexual lovers. Back during the campaign, Church Militant did some legwork and discovered that between a quarter and a third of U.S. bishops are actual registered members of the Party of Death.

For example, here’s the bishop of Scranton, Pennsylvania’s, Joseph Bambera’s, voter registration status from 2020. A successor of the Apostles publicly registered as a member of the Party of Death, and, as we said, there are many more. Not every state reports party affiliation directly, so the information is necessarily incomplete. But that range is very likely over the target.

And this is not to say that a bishop being a registered Republican is some nod to his salvation. It’s just more likely that his place in Hell won’t be as hot. But still, Hell is Hell, and these bishops better get used to it.

Every now and then, a great number of them find themselves in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., where a giant mural overlooks the sanctuary. It’s called Christ in Majesty, the Apocalyptic Christ, and is reportedly the largest mosaic of Our Blessed Lord on the earth.

But it doesn’t take long, looking up into the face of Our Lord, depicted as returning to earth, to see the divine wrath. What on earth, or in Hell, are these bishops thinking when they look at that mural? It’s terrifying, and that’s true even for a good Catholic. And the bishops are a long way from qualifying as good Catholics.

Their silence in the face of the monstrosity of the Culture of Death will echo throughout eternity, bouncing off the walls of Hell’s chambers, where their tortures will last forever.

They produce nonstop statements about immigration and climate change without ever considering that their evils will result in a certain “immigration” for them, accompanied by a “climate change” they could never imagine on this side of death.

The Democratic Party hates children with a more intense hatred than Nazis had for Jews. Night after night, on Church Militant’s Evening News, we report on proposed laws, signed legislation, new regulations, bill after bill — all Democrat — that shore up protections for child-killing doctors, expand the time frame in which children can be killed to weeks after birth, teach the ones who do survive abortion about sex when they are 6, use tax dollars to help them change their sex without their parents’ knowledge and expose their young, innocent minds to the most perverse propositions you can imagine.

Every day, a new bill, or whatever, is presented, and, since these are happening in blue states, they eventually pass. Can anyone with a functioning brain actually think that any of this is okay, that children are not being targeted by these Satanic lawmakers (again, Democrats)? The Third Reich had nothing on this lot.

Who would ever have imagined, not that long ago, that the donkey would be more frightful than the swastika? And remember, throughout all this, the U.S. bishops have remained almost completely dumb, never uttering any significant objection. Why would they, though? A third of them are card-carrying members of the Democratic Party.

They get hundreds of millions from the government to advance illegal immigration, all in the name of charity and love of the poor, of course. But meanwhile, right inside their own dioceses, infants are being torn to shreds in the womb, others left to die screaming in pain on tables if they survive — or are smothered.

Those who escape that fate go into government schools — and even Catholic schools — that teach them that having anal sex with the same sex is good, and they should express themselves and embrace their identity. For others, they learn that their genitalia means nothing, and they can switch it out, turn in one set for another, and the school will help them keep it a secret from their parents.

Sitting in the White House is the monster of the bishops’ creation who backs all of this, every last bit because, when you’ve gone this far down the road of evil, there really isn’t any turning back, logically. Biden and his Party of Death can’t really do an about-face on any of this and, actually, must proceed deeper down into Hell because it all follows logically.

If children can be killed, why can’t they be perverted? If they don’t have a right to life, why would they have a right to truth — truth about their identities, sexual organs, place in the universe or any other of a million truths?

The Democrats use children as political fodder to feed the appetites of the most perverse among them, which is pretty much the entire membership. And sitting there quietly on the sidelines are the bishops, counting their shekels.

Earlier this week, Church Militant was in Baltimore, Maryland, where we’re covering the closing days of this legislative period. Our own Joe Gallagher was on the ground and interviewed Church Militant Resistance captain Duffy Kane, who has been focusing on a particularly gruesome piece of anti-child legislation — a piece of legislation that Abp. William Lori and his Maryland Catholic Conference did nothing to oppose.

We see the same thing in other parts of the country, where members of the laity like Stacy Langton, recently featured in The Washington Post for her school board fights in Loudoun County, have taken up the mantle of trying to protect children. Any normal human being can see the attacks going on here against innocents.

But one final point to consider — Church Militant has long maintained that the culture has sunk to the depths it has directly because of the evil within the hierarchy. And, more to the point, it was the evil in the hierarchy that actually paved the way, set the stage, for the evil in the culture.

The hierarchy had already effectively accepted homosexuality within their own ranks long before the culture became comfortable with it and, the important point here, already accepted that at least some children were expendable — the thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, that had been raped by priests that they went on to cover up for.

The bishops were actively destroying children before that ever hit the radar of the Democrats. The Democrats simply decided to go nuclear with it, and, of course, they received what could be termed the “blessing of silence” from the bishops.

With just an occasional exception, religious leaders in Germany gave the blessing of silence to the Nazis. The exact same is happening right now. The U.S. hierarchy could never dream of forbidding membership in the Democratic Party to Catholics, because they are part of it.
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