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US Public Schools Are Perverted “LGBT” Indoctrination Camps | Matt Walsh Ep. #03222022

Matt Walsh for Tuesday Mar-22-2022 | Ep. #913
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00:00 – Opening
02:03 – Public Schools Are LGBT Indoctrination Camps
13:33 – Matt’s Wife Betrays Him By Not Putting Her Shopping Cart Away
15:09 – Democrats Lay Down The Racism Gauntlet Ahead Of The Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearing
20:24 – Boston Mayor “Jokes” That Her Problems Are “Expensive, Disruptive and White”
27:02 – Woman Raped By Man In Hospital, Hospital Denies Feasibility Because The Man Identified As A Woman
30:42 – Rapper Lil Boozy Stands Up For Women’s Sports
35:21 – Introducing Jeremy’s Razors!
44:11 – The Comments Section
54:27 – The Pharmaceutical Industry Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, an elementary school holds a gay pride march right through the hallways of the school. Plus, the confirmation hearings for Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson have begun, and Democrats have already made it clear that any tough questioning of the judge will automatically be racist and bigoted. Also, the Daily Wire is now selling men’s grooming products. Like so much of what we do here, it’s a joke but also not a joke at all. And the mayor of Boston commemorates St Patrick’s Day by making racist jokes about white people. And the media tells us about a rise in ADHD among not only children but adults as well. Are so many of us suffering from a mysterious mental illness, or could there be a more logical explanation for our inability to focus?

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