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The First Black Woman For The Supreme Court Doesn’t Know What A Woman Is | Matt Walsh Ep. #03232022

Matt Walsh for Wednesday Mar-23-2022 | Ep. #914
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00:00 – Opening
01:42 – The First Black Woman For The Supreme Court Doesn’t Know What A Woman Is
19:23 – DeSantis Declares The Best Female Swimmer
23:46 – Disney Employees Walk Out In California Over The Don’t Say Gay Bill
27:16 – Biden Talks About New Liberal World Order
30:15 – Harry’s Razors Accuses Daily Wire Of Hate Speech
34:04 – Kid Rock Says He Is Uncancellable In Tucker Carlson Interview
38:50 – Kamala Harris Is Inspirational Once Again
42:00 – The Comments Section
53:45 – Jeff Foxworthy is canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the “what is a woman” movement makes it all the way to the Supreme Court, as Judge Jackson reveals that though she wants to be on the Supreme Court, she cannot answer the most basic questions about reality. She also has a tenuous grasp of justice, as her lenient approach to child porn cases demonstrates. We’ll talk about all of this today. Plus, Governor DeSantis declares the real winner of the race that Lia Thomas won by cheating. ESPN is now woke on steroids. Harry’s, jealous of our success with Jeremy’s Razors, accuses the Daily Wire of hate speech. Kid Rock explains how to become uncancellable. And President Biden declares a new world order. Using those exact words.

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