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gods and Monsters The Time Apocalypse Chapter Two

Trays in their upright position, seatbelts buckled.
The Time Apocalypse – If you have lived long enough, you may feel
that time seems to be speeding up, the days seem shorter and the weather is different.
In chapter two, I show you the reason, the FLATFACT !
I show you the reason for the weather.
Can you see the why of the time?
I also address some of the questions from chapter one. [and I ended up redoing the whole video]

Fear not the signs of heaven – Jeremiah 10:2
The bible contains some wise advice.

Gods and Monsters – The Time Apocalypse

Wikipedia: Tropic of Cancer – video version pulled December 2020.

As I journey through the chapters it will become very clear as to why the title of the series is Gods and Monsters – The Time Apocalypse

#FlatFact​ #reset​ #mysteryhistory​ #GodsandMonsters

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Film © by FlatFact Februrary, 2021

Kevin Macleod -(cc)

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