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The Ridiculous “Lia” Thomas Charade Reaches Its Inevitable Conclusion | Matt Walsh Ep. 911 #03182022

Matt Walsh for Friday Mar-18-2022 | Ep. 911
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00:00 – Opening
02:00 – The Ridiculous Lia Thomas Charade Reaches Its Inevitable Conclusion
18:01 – Happy (Belated) St. Patrick’s Day
20:05 – The New York Post Finally Verify’s Hunter Biden’s Laptop
24:27 – Nancy Pelosi Reads A Poem Written By Bono About Putin
29:55 – The House Passed A Bill To Suspend Trade with Russia And Belarus
34:16 – Back To The Cringe: Stacey Abrams Appears On Star Trek
38:07 – Elon Musk Expects To Land On Mars Within Seven Years
41:01 – The Comments Section
49:01 – Sean O’Connell Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, last night we were finally treated to the grotesque spectacle of the man Lia Thomas competing against the women in the NCAA championships, which he won handily. Also, misinformation transforms into information once again, as the New York Times finally confirms that the Hunter Biden laptop story was true. Plus, Nancy Pelosi is the latest liberal to try to defeat Putin with a poem. We’ll see if she succeeded. And a few Republicans vote against a bill leveling more sanctions on Russia. Is it because they’re stooges of Putin? Or might there be another reason? And in our Daily Cancellation, a film critic is accused of racism for failing to enjoy a cartoon about an Asian girl. Did he bow to the mob and apologize? We’ll find out.

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