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Biden Needs a Cognitive Exam ‘Now’ | Ronny Jackson, Congressman & Former WH Doctor to Obama & Trump

Sky News Australia for Tuesday Mar-15-2022

US Congressman Ronny Jackson – the former physician to both Barack Obama and Donald Trump – has again called for Joe Biden to take a cognitive exam after he suffered a series of blunders today.

“Biden was LOST today. He announced he had COVID. He confused his wife with Kamala. He confused HIMSELF with Kamala’s husband. Then he fumbled remembering the name of his UN Ambassador. All in under 15 minutes. This is BAD! He needs a COGNITIVE EXAM now!!” he tweeted.

Ronny Jackson was the physician to the president from 2013-2018 before running for Congress in Texas’ 13th congressional district.

In June last year Mr Jackson wrote a letter to President Biden urging him to submit a cognitive exam to “document and demonstrate sound mental abilities”.

“The American people should have absolute confidence in their president,” he wrote. “They deserve full transparency on the mental capabilities of their highest elected leader.”

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