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THE LOFT PROJECT – Episode 12 Guest Former NHS Nurse Carly Lou Mansfield

Join us in this in this episode as we talk in depth to former NHS nurse Carly Lou Mansfield who dared to take a stand against this medical SCAMdemic and tyranny. We’ll hear exactly why she not only risked her job, but gave up her nursing career to speak out and make a moral stand against tyranny and medical apartheid.

“I spoke out last august at the very start of the medical tyranny taking place within our healthcare sector. Witnessing the debilitating affects of lockdown on the vulnerable and voiceless souls hidden from the public’s view. Without having the will to live, I witnessed their decline in their health and well being. I knew then, that I was part of the government’s genocide plan and walked away from my career. This isn’t nursing anymore.”
(Carly Lou Mansfield).

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