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FE Fully Explained

FE Fully Explained Best Evidence
A great FE intro video to share with friends and family or those new to the idea. Packed with evidence, it lays out the basic FE model and covers some advanced aspects, including: Proof of Earth’s shape, answers to the most common questions, the basics of the model, undeniable evidence of what the Sun, Moon, stars and wandering stars (planets) are, lightning, elves and sprites, eclipses, the height of the dome, how the southern stars actually prove Earth’s fIat, gravity, reasons why the truth was hidden, why it’s important, who hides it and more.
N@S@, is the Hebrew word for deceive / lead astray. We’ve been deceived on a huge scale, some might say it’s the biggest lie possible. Every N@Z@ image is a fake, and we can prove it.

If one researches this topic they will inevitably find:
1. The Horizon always rises to eye level.
2. Water always finds its level. Across earth people measure level with a spirit level, which functions by leveling a bubble inside a water level, which is a function of this universal truth.
3. Gyroscope’s remain level throughout worldwide airplane flight travel.
4. Polaris, the Pole Star, never moves from its position, despite earth’s supposed travel through space.
5. No measurable curvature anywhere! Ships don’t disappear over a horizon, they can be pulled back into view using binoculars or telescopic optics.
6. The Terminator line on the moon during daytime often doesn’t coincide with the suns directional light.
7. Gravity is simply a form of magnetism of the luminiferous aether.
8. No evidence of satellites.
9 . Flight paths only work on a fIat earth.
10. The Antarctic treaty forbids freedom of movement in the Antarctic while the Arctic treaties prevent movement near the North Pole.
11. The Firmament (heliocentrists know this as The Van Allen belt) makes space travel impossible, and was admitted by both Van Allen and Von Braun.
12. Water bubbles in NASA & ISS footage. ALL NASA, RASA, ESA, JSA (space agency) photos and footage have been proven to be fakes.
13. The fake moon landings.
14. The globe earth model contradictions, and the perfection of the FE model.
15. The Moon is self luminous and emits a cooling / cold light, not light reflected from the sun.
16. Stars seen with a Nikon p900 or comparable tech proves stars aren’t far away and they’re not Suns.
17. The Holy Bible & Enoch have said the earth is a plane from the start. They are continuously attacked and hated by all, even the church. Many of the prophecies in Enoch, the OT and the NT have come to pass, and others are unfolding as we speak.
18. NASA takes in billions every year to fake space.
19. The Southern Stars: I’ve seen a lot of people saying the southern stars negate our model, not so. Please, show anyone how the south stars would rotate in the opposing direction to the path stars take in the north? Draw the Earth and plot the stars… rotate the earth… See? Stars would appear to move in the same direction in N and S. If not that’s impossible for their model. Also, lights in the sky (Stars) don’t make the shape of the earth, that’s illogical and irrelevant.
20. The cover photo is from a high altitude amateur balloon flight with a normal, non-fisheye lens at 110,000 feet in altitude, over 20 Miles high, but the horizon is level, impossible on a ball.
21. Is this important? Does it matter? Yes, for several reasons. The first is that the ball model is used to discredit the Bible and it’s description of the Earth and the solid Raqia / Firmament on the first page. Then they say “See? God can’t even write a book properly! He can’t get the Earth right, so what else is wrong in there?” *The shape of our Earth means that it must be a creation, of a great Creator, not a random accident.* Only one has ever claimed to be God, the Creator of all things. The beauty and intelligent design of His creation testifies to this. So you see, this affects us on every level. It changes how we vainly imagine (sci-fi), our morals, how we act and treat each other and how we fundamentally perceive the universe. Which leads to the second part: Billions are lead astray by the lie.

Hosea 4:6 KJV 6My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
How many people made bad decisions because they’ve been lied to?

While this is our home, built specifically for us… we’re not to love it… we should love the Father and want to return to Him. Read Zetetic Astronomy by Sam Rowbotham here…

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GOD bless you.
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