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The Repackaging of Occult Myth and Meaning

In the intellectual sphere of psychoanalytic and mythological studies, there has been a growing trend to resurrect and repackage ancient Mythology, Egyptian Hermeticism, Jewish Kabbalism, Alchemy, Gnosticism, and Luciferianism, in all their various occult manifestations, and use these modern occult translations in order to provide meaning and purpose for modern Mankind.

In the moral and spiritual vacuum that had been created by Atheistic Materialism, a world where the literal interpretation of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is seen as an archaic and absurd fairytale, the stage had been set for The New Age of Gnostic Luciferianism to take the throne. As long as the world could be convinced that Christ was merely another ascended master, and categorized with other ascended master teachers like Gautama Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, Lao Tsu, etc…, then the world would more easily fall into the prideful desire to see themselves as The Lord. The occult realized long ago that as long as you can convince a person that Eternal Life is found in a personal search for inner spiritual light and meaning, you could completely separate that person from the True Light of Christ. It is done though using Pride as weapon.

Pride is the perfect Sin to use against Mankind. Mankind loves the idea of being God and the idea of evolving towards some divine birthright of Godly power. It was Lucifer, in The Garden, who first preyed upon Mankind’s Pride with the temptation of Eternal Life though occult knowledge. Ironically, Mankind had Eternal Life with The Lord, already, but through The Fall into occult knowledge, then gift of The Serpent Lucifer, Mankind actually lost his Eternal stature with The Lord, rather than gaining it, a consequence which clearly highlights the deceptive nature of Lucifer.

Jungian Individuation: Always Evolving…An Occult Teaching The occult have done a remarkable job at convincing the world that each person is literally a God. Much of this was achieved through the introduction and resurrection of ancient Gnostic Luciferian beliefs, which seek to reduce Christ, God, Grace, Redemption, Salvation, etc.. to mere psychological and archetypical principles. The Gnostic mystery schools were able to convert the perception of real Salvation through Christ’s Sacrifice into a metaphorical allegory, or “Hero’s Journey”, a “Call to Adventure” that each man must endeavor to make on his own, independent of Jesus Christ.

And on that journey, each will encounter spells, demons, allies, trials, tribulations, their Jungian Shadow, talismans, wise sages, witches, helpers, healers, teachers, wizards, sorcerers, soldiers, maidens, harlots, etc…all intended to help the initiate refine himself and evolve into a God. Evolutionary Theory is the guiding principle in Jungian and psychology and without it, none of Jung’s archetypal teachings make sense. You are always supposed to be becoming better and more powerful though occult inner integration in both Jung’s and Peterson’s psychological systems of thought.

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