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Biden Hires Perverted Drag Queen Who Talks Sex with Animals for Nuclear Federal Post | Matt Walsh

00:00 – Opening
02:15 – Biden Hires Gender Fluid Drag Queen Dog Fetishist
13:52 – Will Anyone In The Republican Party Criticize Sam Brinton?
14:46 – School Asks Kids To Compare Their Sexual Preferences To Pizza Toppings
22:00 – Democrats Are Easing Masking Rules Just In Time For Midterms
27:44 – New Woke Disney Song Attempts To Teach Kids About Micro-aggressions
34:57 – CNN Brought In A Researcher To Understand Why People Like Joe Rogan
38:28 – Adidas Tweets 25 Pictures Of Breasts To Advocate For Destigmatizing Them
43:51 – The Comments Section
52:32 – Gucci Is Canceled

Friday Feb-11-2022 — Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Biden Administration goes for gold in the woke olympics by appointing a gender fluid drag queen dog fetishist to a high ranking federal post. Also, speaking of sexual degeneracy, parents in one school district are outraged after their young children were given an assignment asking them to list their sexual desires and preferences. And a new Disney Junior show teaches kids about microaggressions through song. Plus, many Democrats have changed their tune about masking. What accounts for this sudden conversion? Finally, in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll discuss what might be the most horrific story of racism you will ever hear. And it happened in a Gucci store.


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