Matthew Belair: How to Uncover and Create Your Authentic Dream Life

“Helping You Design Your Dreams both Inner and Outer!” says Matt.

In this Shift episode with CJ, my guest is Executive Coach, Mind-set Expert, Host of Top-Rated Podcast, Best-Selling Author and Explorer of the Mind and World, Matt Belair. Matt has studied human potential his entire life. He has dedicated himself to uncovering and expanding the limits of human potential and consciousness.

Matt is an accomplished athlete, sought-after high-performance coach, host of the Master Mind, Body, and Spirit show which, reached #1 in iTunes in over 25 countries, and is a best-selling author helping people live lives of passion. Purpose, fulfillment, and success!

Seeing the possibilities in someone’s life is his greatest gift. He knows we can all be great, and so there is nothing that despairs him more than to see someone suffer or settle for mediocrity and nothing that brings him more joy than to witness them achieve their highest potential. He has incredible vision and sees the un-ignited potential in every individual. This mastery includes the mental, emotional, and spiritual domains to show you how to leave a proud legacy. Matt is truly special because he has the rare ability to help others see, belief, and create that inherent potential within themselves. Today, I have him on the show to learn some fantastic facts about the true secrets of mastery.

During our podcasts, you will discover:

Magic & Miracles- 13:30

“Do you believe in magic or miracles? The things that are beyond imagination. What power will you like to use if you were a wizard?” I asked Matt.

“Magic has its own definitions for many people. I won’t offer people peace within themselves like self-love because if they had peace and love in their lives, they will not harm each other and spread the love around themselves. When we connect with ourselves and feel good about it, we tend to pass that positive energy to others. Criminals usually lack self-love, which makes them disconnected to themselves and harm other people,” replied Matt.

Sound Healing- 40:02

“What are your opinions on sound energy,” I asked Matt

“Sound is incredibly powerful, and everything is vibrational. It is one of the ways that helps us create awareness with technology. Chants and meditations are also parts of vibrations, which helps people to become aware, and the body comes into full harmony. Such chanting ‘OM’ forces the body to come into peace, and we feel safer from the outside world. This practice also prevents stress.” He replied.

Find out about more intriguing things.

Matt has traveled the world and put himself in the fire to test his knowledge and his limits.

Enjoy Listening!

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