#527 | Dr. Frances Yahia: The Seven Gates

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Show Notes:

Today’s guest is a licensed mental health counselor using Jungian techniques such as mythology, archetypes and symbolism to help clients understand and transmute their subconscious wounds.

She earned her Ph.D.in Mental Health Counseling and Educational Leadership from Barry University and has studied and taught Metaphysics for over two decades.

She is the author of The Seven Gates and Witch Bitch. She is also the President at Hidden Truths College of Metaphysics.

Dr. Frances Ya-he-ya

What metaphysics is
Being born in a cult
The two types of values
Leaving the cult with her children
The #1 law in the universal “All is mind”
The 3 things you cannot change
The 3 types of karma
The mantra of “Taking Personal Responsibility”
Transmuting vs Changing low level consciousness
Why you must remove victimhood
The law of correspondence
12 Truths on a spiritual path
The 8 Universal Laws
The law of octaves
Knowing what we can change and what we can’t
Knowing your top two values beyond family
Values and Vices
Defining and measuring your values
The Maha Gunas – the 3 energies of the mind 1. Truth 2. Action 3. Inertia
Acceptance of vices
The inner war
The 12 Archetypes
Why what we are experiences is the oldest battle in the world
Equanimity as the path to enlightenment
The purpose of emotion
Intergenerational trauma is based on emotion. What are your familes?
Exploring the truth
Impure thought, low level desire, low level consciousness
Save yourself
The 4th Way
The story of the holy grail
The 12th spiritual truth – every single day is a choice of spiritual renewal
1. Read something contemplative 2. Spiritual practice 3. Look at shadow
Choosing the spiritual path every day
Beliefs will change behaviour
The personal ted talk 3 questions
1. Does the thought represent your mother or father?
2. What don’t I like about it? Where is it in me?
3. What does it prove about myself?

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