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UFOs: A Demonic Deception | FULL DOCUMENTARY 2022

This new documentary will provide solid evidence which shows that UFOs / Aliens / “Extraterrestrials” are not from other planets but from other dimensions, herassing the human race and pretending to be various alien races even though they are really the same entities.

This documentary was producted by fellow Truth channel LLS:

What you are about to see will explain why the United States government and social media companies are boosting UFO channels and documentaries while censoring journalists that expose the UFO agenda as a psyop.

You can find all my videos here — YouTube is run by people who traded their souls for money.

Xendrius, Saturday Jan-22-2022: I myself was a big UFO nerd when I was a hardcore atheist during high school. I saw the disclosure project on google video in circa 2008 and I based a school project on it, helped promote the idea that UFOs are alien spaceships and that they are flying around in our atmosphere and that the American government has retreived their “crashed” spacecraft. And that there would be an eventual disclosure which would “unite” the world. After high school I did an intense amount of extra research which made me conclude just 1 year later that the “ETs” were fallen angels from the bible setting us up for a final deception.

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