Steve Grant – NEVER FORGET

Lyrics written by Steve Grant
Song mixed and mastered by Stephen Caputo at Durty Mics Studio
Beat by Hala X
Video Shot by Stephen Caputo
Edited by Steve Grant, Anon777 & Dj Weltch
R.I.P. to all our fallen brothers and sisters.
We LOVE you and we will Never Forget you!
Anonymous Million Mask March Family

Dj Weltch of True Weltch Media instagram @trueweltchmedia

Lyrics: (VERSE 1) It’s amazing look at the transformation look what we came from we’ve been so patient placed in these mazes trapped in these cages but we’ve escaped it now we’ve invaded..yea.. Just look at our faces I said look at our faces take off your mask look at your faces look at the passion look at the bravery..No one’s afraid look what we’ve created look what they did to us see what they’ve made us look at the way we embrace the pain from each other brothers and sisters we’ve made it and look what it’s taken we’ve been so courageous nothing can break us look at our strength our minds our souls they just can’t contain us..yea..look at the lines that we’ve crossed all the times that we fought all the lives that we’ve lost at what price at what cost for the crimes of a thought..look how far that we’ve come this goes beyond all the guns from the scars and the blood to the stars and the sun when our hearts are strung we all are one..

(VERSE 2) We are the ones we’ve come theres no turning back you wont see us run we are open to trust hope you put hope in us because we are here only to love. Dont ever say we never fought for you, some think its impossible , but we do what we gotta do V for Vendetta Im flicking the domino.. yea.. Its about to go down we’ve come out from the ground round after round no one around us is as loud as our sound we’re bound to surround. And No not everyones chosen yes some are still broken but the ones that are still able to carry on this is our moment.

(VERSE 3) We march through the darkness of night all colors collide we harness the light we don’t march to a fight we march for whats right with no loss of sight we all must unite. As the planet evolves we must answer the call thats why we are here standing so tall as a family and we’ll be damed if we fall..Now is it the powers in numbers or is it the power of loved ones or maybe the power of justice to remind us of how it all once was.So now is time to stand up soon we’ll find all the answers ..I won’t die for this mask.. but i’ll die for what it stands for..


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