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Flat Earth Science Lesson 7 Part 4: Domes

This lesson is a part of a systematized group of lessons concerning the flat earth. Click here to see each of our lessons in order.

History of Domed Architecture Credits:
U.S. Capitol building image 1:
image 2:
Pantheon image 1:
image 2:
Tucson Arizona Temple:
Coupola image:

The St. Petersburg Palace:
Dome of the Rock by Rohith Goura

The Roman Histories where the senator claimed the Pantheon was named after its resemblance to the firmament: Cassius Dio, Roman Histories 53.27, referenced in MacDonald 1976, p. 76

“It is likely the Pantheon had copper stars in each of the coffers”:
De la Croix, Horst; Tansey, Richard G.; Kirkpatrick, Diane (1991). Gardner’s Art Through the Ages (9th ed.). Thomson/Wadsworth. p. 228. ISBN 0-15-503769-2.

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