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Flat Earth [What are shown to Us?]

This video contains excerpts from films that directly or indirectly indicate a different form of our planet, the earth – on which humanity lives. Flat earth has been around for a long time and is now widely discussed.
For many it is no longer a secret that the form “Planet earth” is not the same as We are presented from public sources. Some of the many reasons for sowing doubts in the minds of people are:
– invariability of the gyroscope when moving from point A to point B over a long distance,
– Carrying out experiments with laser beams indicating the absence of curvature at the surface of the earth at a great distance,
– stories of air pilots about the shape of the earth from the height of aircraft flight,
– direct or indirect evidence indicating that there have never been any flights into space,
– an interview with a Polish cosmonaut who said that the earth is flat,
– American Encyclopedia from 1958 directly indicating the presence of a dome over Our Land,
… and many other pieces of evidence that cast doubt on the officially recognized form of land.

We do not insist on the accuracy of the facts, because, as always, only the viewer can decide whether to believe it or not.
We wish you a pleasant viewing.

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00:08:20 The Piccards (Extended Version) – Hennessy 90 Cognac

01:16 The Giver 2014
02:00 The Truman Show 1998
02:48 The Hunger Games 2013
03:11 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End 2007
03:48 Walt Disney
04:00 Journey to the Center of the Earth 2008
04:08 I Robot 2004
04:15 Cat Woman 2004
04:23 Back to the Future 1985
04:31 Dark City 1998
05:40 The Signal 2014
06:04 Man in Black 1997
06:27 A few good Men 1992

by Zack Hemsey – The Way

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