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Airplanes Flying Over a Spinning-Ball by Brian Mullin

Episode # 1.0 – Airplanes Flying over a Spinning-Ball
Episode # 1.1 – A Spinning Atmosphere at 28:19
Episode # 1.2 – Flying Over the North Pole at 41:53

I have decided to put together episodes 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2 of “Ball’s Out Physics” by Brian Mullin as part of an upcoming video I’m preparing named “Airplanes Flying Over a Spinning-Globe” which is in the making. It would be good for the viewers to watch this video, especially episode 1.2.

Free high resolution Flat Earth Map here:

FREE PDF – 16 Emergency Landings proving FLAT EARTH:

For a print book for those who want one, Lulu Store

Amelia Earhart flight route here:

Closing Song: Legionnaire
Scott Buckley

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