A Military Pilot destroys the theory of the globe! the SECRET is revealed! #2018Flatearth

A Military Pilot destroys the theory of the globe! the SECRET is revealed!
Let’s prepare a mission in Antarctica together, to equip ourselves with everything possible, to be able to go beyond the barrier of the ice wall to see what is hidden beyond the land of Antarctica. The mission is difficult but not impossible, with a sustainable source and benevolent people in search of the truth we can succeed. I leave below a link where you can make donations if you want to support and help fulfill this difficult mission. GOD TAKE CARE OF YOU!
If you want to make a donation for an expedition beyond the ice walls, here are some addresses:

Bitcoin (BTC) bc1qny570w6dtp7tdl2yhxtwun6tz8zw9t5ak8ja2v

Ethereum (ETH) 0xea41cCe17b739c895d7e26f8FFa5A0316ef9121d

BNB bnb187zex959vy5qhfup85cllz20ls059ny2dwnlvq

XRP ( XRP) rwvA3WCdcAJpi5Rok5U47m8WnDnkiRH5TP

Shiba Inu ( SHIB ) 0xea41cCe17b739c895d7e26f8FFa5A0316ef9121d

LITECOIN (LTC) ltc1qfz4zy76us58y4n66gfe2f542ka7y5pz7ruf29j


USD Coin (USDC) E6x26CHk3DQmRSKcpxA42mxxn6pZp7urtCnoNEKyaaCg

The secret confessions of a military pilot! The Earth is straight and stationary! #2018Flatearth
Your Home is Not A Sipping Ball! #2018Flatearth
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Because fake accounts have multiplied lately, I had to turn off video commenting so that empty fake account trolls could no longer comment. I let the videos speak for themselves without anyone’s contribution! I’m sorry for some inconveniences created and for those subscribers who offer real comments! The earth is flat!

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