The Merry-Go-Round World

The Merry-Go-Round World is a track off “The Flat Earth Movement Album” available here:

Lyrics: Hurry, hurry, step right up and catch a ride on the merry-go-round world! It’s a big blue marble that spins you up, down and all around. Hop right on the dreidel goy ball Earth. Just kidding children! You’re not spinning, you’re sitting still, you gullible silly billy believing all willy nilly what the telly and teachers tell you. Really? Really! The government doesn’t want you educated, they want you domesticated, like a good little statist, indoctrinated, medicated, a bit sedated and maybe even inebriated, as long as it’s on beer and other state-approved substances then that’s awesome kids, just don’t touch those other nasty things like natural herbs and magic mushrooms. Those are terrible, they’ll make you laugh and love life all the way into a jail cell, and we can’t have that now can we? What would happen to society if we don’t control sobriety and allow mother nature to decide for us, mushies, weed, and poppy seeds, THC and DMT, peyote and coca leaves, ayahuasca ceremonies, listen hippies we can’t have you raising your consciousness, communing with GOD , blissing out, blossoming on or it’s gone with us when the will of the populous becomes popular and people stop voting for politicians illusion of choice goes missing dominant voice starts listening prominent noise becomes whispering and liars become as obvious as Pinocchio’s nose in your orephus. You hear me kids? This is serious, you’re being mind-controlled on a level that would make Cathy O’Brien jealous. Everything in your textbooks comes direct from the government and is designed to malalign your minds from the divine. Your curriculum is ridiculous and your history is a fiction; they mixed some human and primate bones then called you homopithicus. I’m sick of this fucking shit, time for a field trip kids, eat these mushrooms and drink this tea, then lay back and relax while your soul leaves your body. These plants are gonna teach you more about yourself and this world than your teachers ever could.

Your true self is immaterial, your consciousness is ethereal, it pre-exists your body and transcends the material.

Just focus on the chant, give thanks to the plants, prepare your minds to expand into the expanse. The answer to cancer is plants man, the grandest ovation’s a grandstand, your greatest great uncle’s your grand-man, and Sam his man-wife is your trans-fam. Rants and rambling a random sampling of NAMBLA pamphlets says man-boy rape is totally legitimate. Can you believe that kids? The guile of these fucking pedophiles want your ass so bad they’ll say any shit to get it, forget it faggot go find yourself a gay midget or some shit. The sadistic psychopath pederasts running this world want you good goys and girls to just bend over and take it. They couldn’t make it to the Moon so they faked it. They take all your gold and replaced it. They mold you and sold you their savior. They Koshered your life then enslaved ya. They told you that Hitler was evil, then made you make friends with Israel. Call holocaust truth a denial, yet 6 million weren’t even in Weimar, they’re perpetual schemers and liars, always trying to bring about Zion, Anne Frank wasn’t even alive when, her father plagiarized her diary, and wrote it in ball-point pen, which didn’t exist then. The court found him guilty but you kids are still forced to read that shit every year and told it’s real.

There were no mass graves or gas chambers, no extermination orders, no infringing foreign borders, no forced invasion of Poland, just taking back what was stolen, no snubbing of Jesse Owens, more valor than Edward Snowden, more inventive than a Trojan, no he was not a Rothschild, yes he was in jail a while, but did not start the Reichstag fire, and did not escape off to China, Antarctic or Argentina, he and Eva didn’t even leave the bunker until they were six feet under, well not literally, they ate cyanide then had their bodies burned so they wouldn’t be raped, tortured and have their corpses put on public display like they did to Mussolini and Petacci. This is real history, the kind written by the losers, that you’ll never read in schools, because the fools who call you goyim don’t want you to know their lyin’.

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