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Exposing the CORRUPT connections between fake liberal ‘FACT-CHECKERS’ | Glenn Beck

It’s more important than ever that you do your OWN homework. Question EVERYTHING, Glenn says, even him (it’s why his new book contains 50+ pages of footnotes so you can read the original sources). However, the mainstream media and far-left continue to purport that ‘fake news’ is a result of clueless Americans with a complete lack of media literacy. We’d be lost without them, they claim. But there’s one major problem with their promise of total ‘transparency’: Media ‘fact-checkers’ are ANYTHING but unbiased. In this clip, Glenn exposes their deep, corrupt connections to some of the far-left’s biggest powerhouses…

You MUST do your own research. Find out why in Glenn’s new book, ‘The Great Reset: Joe Biden And The Rise Of 21st Century Fascism,’ available now:

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