All nORBTheory + UNIversal DISClosure 2020 Banned Content Compilation

It’s a MUST SEE for all truth seekers, share it in your groups/social media as far/wide as you can :).

EDIT: Dec 6th – Thank you for being on this journey. A few words – I have to say NO to all interviews, especially MSM. Still grieving and getting way too much unwanted attention as we get close.

I wish I had all the answers re those asking where to be, what to be doing, how it will affect them because they have x/y/z in their body/psyche.. As the conduit I cap out too. I wanted to physically be up North, in Poland my home country. But death came in three in my family + cov1d hit and so I’ll be moving my mom on the 21’st here in Toronto vs being with the Auroras..

I hope you all have a beautiful experience no matter what happens. If nothing happens, I hope you can still look at the dozen roses we gave you here without focusing on the thorn, and that this work has helped you better understand your experience and implement positivity in to your life :). I love you.

-Timestamps – – –
Intro – start
UD Tease: 3:45
nORBTheory Short: 6:06
I Have Questions: 11:56
nORBTheory Long: 13:35
10 Flat Commandments: 46:02
UNIversal DISClosure: 48:33
Xmas=GeoCentric Ritual: 1:34:45
Remodeling The UniFARCE: 1:39:30
2045 TransHumanism 2:08:45


Try to catch this one as it may get removed.Thank you! Also happy Summer Solstice, and happy Fathers Day – I lost mine a month ago (May 25th) to the rona v!ru5, Rest In Power pops.
This is going to complete this body of work for me. I can’t tell you how many videos were removed and or supressed over the last few years from my catalog..

I’ve done my best to revive most of it here. My channel continues to be shadow banned + all my videos, auto-suggestions on my channel name/popular videos gone, likes/notifications/comments disappearing/etc. I’ve even had a back and forth with youtube and they played dumb 🙂 “Nothing is wrong, nothing has changed, you are not ‘supressed’.. lol.

After the ‘truther purge’ my views went down 95+% and I disappeared from the search results totally for a while. Now SOME stuff is back, I think it’s because of a cool random side effect of people mirroring our work and linking back to our channels, thus forcing the algo. Otherwise this would stay buried forever. So thank you, keep mirroring all this stuff.

Links to official releases on youtube + related videos I encourage you to watch. If you use any of these renders (now public domain) please link back and credit us is all we ask. Thank you.
– – – – – – –

Martin Kenny:
– – – – – – –

Please watch these to help and prepare:

Official UNIversal DISClosure release:


Links to InfoGraphics/Frames:

Frequency Life Chart:

The nORB Theory ::

FlatEarth Universe Martin Kenny ::

Interview with Norb & Martin by NEO Glimmer:

3D Master Renders now entered into Public Domain:

8D ASMR Digital Detox – Frequency Healing:

Frequency / Cymatics / Bio-Sonoluminescence ::
^ This is beautiful – greatly goes into the sine wave/sonar

Confessions Of A Music Insider / Weaponizing Sound ::
^ This is how music really influences masses

History Of Flat Earth ::

Under The Dome ::

200 Proofs Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball ::

It All Starts With Magnetism ::


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