Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

Real Eyes Realize Real Lies is a new conscious rap track by Facu Rastafa featuring Eric Dubay

Lyrics: I started to question things like my own beliefs and my own existence like how does this work? What is the mind? There’s this voice that keeps saying shit. What is the truth? What do I know? Am I the body or am I the soul? If I was to die, where would I go? Do I even matter if this is how it goes? But when I woke up you know what I realized? That I am the soul and this body is just my vehicle, and with that awakening came so much so much more information about the system and how it works. Because if you know the truth you regain self control, not even a remote chance to get programmed or deceived no more. You start to do some research, that’s researching what you think you know, when you find out that the Earth is actually not a spinning globe. What the fuck are you saying? You’re sounding sort of insane. But it’s true we live on a plane, it’s flat and stationary. The truth will set you free, won’t go back to that mental cell, now I live my life in peace and couldn’t change if you paid me.

Realize, there’s real lies and real eyes, don’t be surprised, you’ll find the truth down deep inside. When I see the sky, the Sun, the Moon, they seem alive. Wish I could fly so I could see on my own with no CGI.

Tactical error, crack like a mirror, Eric Dubay bringing lyrical terror. Hate speech al-queda but my rhymes are tighter, I rap for the masses, tracks full of classics, masterful plastered with factual fanfare, banned but I’m back to attack with a fair share of crap that I can’t bare ’cause I’m a care-bear. Where is the justice? We need a comeuppance. 19.5 billion per year is what we pay them just to hear we’re spinning right round the Milky Way waiting on the sun to die one day, but that isn’t happening, that is inaccurate. Stick to the facts not fear-mongering rocket-men. Masons are liars, NASA are masons, masons that lie like their snakes in the garden and the sun isn’t dying, your soul is immortal, and so is the solace of solar return. You will ever remember in embers and flames, the end of December, dismemberment plan (That’s a good band). By the way, watch what they say. Everything your government tells you is fake, especially anything about outer space. The only thing they could ever make I would rate is every politicians fucking head on a plate, but we’re probably never gonna see that day, cause everybody’s living in their rainbow way, with no real men left ’cause they’ve all turned gay.

Realize, there’s real lies and real eyes, don’t be surprised, you’ll find the truth down deep inside. When I see the sky, the Sun, the Moon, they seem alive. Wish I could fly so I could see on my own with no CGI.

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