We Are Not Your Slaves

Lyrics: I take a deep breath of some hot chronic smoke, the president is talkin’, hawkin’ war to all of the dopes, who won’t ever acknowledge, everything he said was lies, while American jets in Iraq still crack the fuckin’ sky. I’m surprised the people haven’t brought it all to an end but the government’s holdin’ us hostage, it’s not our fuckin’ friend. Many pretend, but then again most are livin’ in the matrix, spinnin’ on some little rock, apes awaitin’ a spaceship. My patience for the fantasy, it lessens every minute, “so what if it’s a ball or flat? really what is the difference?” By the line of thought you become a frog on the pot, just chillin’, “what’s the difference if the water’s cold or hot?” Blind belief in authority is not a form of science, it’s just a religion, another system to justify the violence, silence feeds the tyrants who will always fight the change, that’s why I’m rappin’ with Dubay, we are not your fuckin’ slaves.

Same shit different day, livin’ on the static plane, you can save it for some other goy, I’m not your fuckin’ slave. Straight away as little kids they feed us all of the lies, be it evolution, dinosaurs or heaven in the sky. Try to question everything they told you to believe and every bit of media you ever see or read. Those that cry of genocide, inside an apartheid state, you can save it for some other goy, we’re not your fuckin’ slaves.

Hey Eric, why’s it even matter if the world is round or flat or we revolve around the sun or if the sun revolves around us? I still have to go to work tomorrow and it hurts regardless. I still have to pay my bills and so I fail to see your logic. Please stop adding to the list of things in life that make me suffer. I don’t wanna be empowered, I just wanna be a martyr. I would rather ask you why you think it matters than be honest, and admit the simple truth is that I haven’t thought about it, and refuse to do my research. I don’t even click your links, and when you ask me what I thought about them I don’t even think. I just wanna pop some molly’s, dance around and get my jollies, in a club or off in Bali. I don’t wanna contemplate about the shape of where we are now. Human race mental state being raped and I like it, feels good, slavery is fine with me and now I’ve answered my own question, ’cause to people like me it just doesn’t matter does it?

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