Lyrics: What’s this I hear you say? Its Instinct and Dubay. We’re bringing the truth, irrefutable proof. We ain’t moving or spinning. The veil is now lifting. So listen, this isn’t a game we’re living in. When we bring it to a head, you’ll see it’s what we said. They still will want us dead. Too late by then. We all will soon forget the history we read. A new era begins, our dark age ends.

BeLIEving life is accidental just as we are taught is one of many reasons for the lie that Earth’s a spinning ball. Just research it for yourself and see the globe is full of flaws. It sounds insane but now I can’t go back even if I want. As usual it’s in your face, their favourite way to taunt. Just check the UN flag and see that a flat map is their front. I hear you laugh. I did at first but let me show how I got to the conclusion that we really are not moving at all. The sun is closer than we’re told and actually very small which makes the day for you and night for others all possible. It seems to set in the horizon coz of perspective law the same for disappearing ships but zooming in reveals it all. A compass points to what we know as the magnetic North pole and like a speaker going South leads to the Antarctic wall. The treaty signed by every country means you’re breaking the law if you trek and try to find if there’s an edge that you can fall. A plain of infinite proportion is an interesting thought. It’s no more crazy than believing endless space as we’re taught. At least we know that land exists, outer space may not at all, seeing that all the images shown to us are coming from frauds! The pics that NASA give are mainly fantasy and what’s more they could be made to get us ready for a new kind of war. If we believe we’re on a planet and there’s more where life can spawn it will be less of a surprise if aliens came to the mall. But this is all to carry out the ultimate act of control: A fake invasion will be staged; the sickest terror act of all. Having space shoved in your face since the 2nd world war to brainwash every nation to embrace extra-terrestrials. We mustn’t fall for anymore just go research and see it y’all. We’re no accident and actually the flip of what we’re told. It’s no wonder humankind is on a devolution course. The schools enforce and educate curriculums to misinform.

Aliens and dinosaurs, ape-men and good wars, Jesus Christ and satellites, nukes and the globe Earth, gravity and galaxies, black holes, big bang, Buddha, Mohammed and the rest of the god-men; none of these things you believe in existed. Propaganda twisted your mind into stitches. Got you spinning upside-down like a break-dance. Most women on the world stage are trans-plants. What did you say? Obama is gay? Michelle is a man? Melania’s trans? Look at their hands. Who are their fans? What is their plan? The Freemasonic rainbow girls are a boys club, and the order of Demolay is the fulcrum. Pedophiles grooming Mousketeers for the hit-list. Disney and their social engineers pushing sickness. Check for the adam’s apple on your favorite actresses. Eve may be hiding trouser snakes in the mattresses. What do you mean? That is obscene. You are so low. How could you know? If it is so, they wouldn’t go, on with the show. From Castrado to Kabuki, ancient Greece and the Renaissance, women weren’t allowed on the stage to play their parts. Castrated sodomites, plastic surgeries, inverted penises, hormone therapies, these are all historically par for the course, like Venus and Serena beating women at sports. Freemasons flip the script with their Othello chips. Black and white checkerboard floors for the fellowship. Entered apprentice swears his death sentence. Bros become hoes and start to play tennis. This is the ball shit bullshit catachrestical, rhyming in time and call it anapestical, their claim to fame is that Earth is a testicle, but it’s actually flat as fuck like a Ken doll.

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