Your True Self is Selfless

Your True Self is Selfless is a conscious rap track from Eric Dubay and DJ Rob Instinct’s upcoming album:

Lyrics: Om chakra paramahatma, nam shanti shakti breathing, in nadi atma pingala, out ida brahmahayana, sushumna spinal alignment, high time to find where my mind went, I notice your pose is a lotus, you focus on camel toes and say yoga pants are pedantic, hey, just namastaying romantic, meditation is anti-semantic, so don’t think that thinking will end it, since the present is never-ending, and pure being is what you’re needing, not more thinking, feeling or sleeping, endless peace is yours for the keeping if you shut off your mind at least sometimes, then you can be yourself for a while, if you shut off your mind at least sometimes, then you can be yourself again, a selfless man.

Do you really know yourself
and what your powers are
the answers lost but not forgotten
it’s just most don’t know how to start
there’s a path, that I take
listen hard as I try n explain
through bars, can I make
Prisoners of the mind escape?
These rhymin’ sentences
You might find make some sense
Since I sincerely wish the best for
Every thing life has blessed
The only thing that I detest
Is disrespect for life and yes
I will die fighting to the end defending
Harm to life I can prevent
So men stop fuckin’ with my little friends
I love all life is what I meant
the universe is you and Its Experiencing
Life as men, so have no fear of life and death
inside us all is our best friend
And when you listen lies will end
The signs are showing
a new dawn that’s breakin’
I’m embracing my awakening
time to break the chains that cage
that child inside that craves
the opposite of this game
they’ve made us play
Where normalizing wars
both sides have caused
to write new laws is par for the course
Just take a stand n’ pause
Your life is yours
Just take a stand n’ pause
Your life is yours

We all paid out more than our dues
so I’ll say this to all of yous
you’re over the lies and abuse
it’s been too long time for the truth

We’ve all paid out more than our dues
So I’ll say this to all da Joos
Jahova lies and abused
For too long time for the truths

I never felt I’d ever feel the way that I do today
I refuse the abuse that my youth went through to be a noose to induce pain!
Time to call on the iron balls lying dormant inside us all all take this lion down
Or break my pride
in war I’ll bite not raw!

It’s time we saw what lies behind the lies we’ve all been taught
There’s more than meets the eye
you can be sure that what you saw ain’t all
don’t fall for bros butts in disguise
Miss World transformed her balls
The Earth is flat and as for curves,
these so-called girls have got fuck all!

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