Spirit Level

Spirit Level is the flat-Earth themed conscious rap title track from Eric Dubay and Seth Davis’ upcoming album:


Perspective matrix shapes how human beings see
keep that fact in mind as the questions flow from me
how can a ball be too big to see a curve,
when it’s claimed ships disappear after a few miles worth?
what is worse, to believe a lie for most of your life,
or to be too proud to admit you were ever deceived? Like
every single religion the sun cult is the same
think, where do the stars and planets get their names?
why, everyday, another ludicrous claim?
literally saying space has a smell and a taste
of berries and rum, it’s just too fuckin’ dumb
but some are just dumb enough to believe it
I’m speechless when I think about the bubbles in space
the trillions of dollars of fraudulent waste
chasin’ nothin’ but another government contract
while the ignorant masses expectin’ first contact
what biblical literalism, is for the Christians
Heliocentrism is for the godless minions
thinkin’ their escapin’ dogmatic superstition
but givin’ themselves to really just as sick a system
when questions are laughed at or silenced en masse
it’s clear to see how few care about finding the facts
most will be deceived by rocket launches and cartoons
dreamin’ of Star Trek, mother fucker I’ve got hard news
it’s just you and me stuck in this world to the death
no place to escape to you’d better make the best
of what is left because all life has purpose and worth
beyond the toxic garbage they filled your head with since birth
my word is bond, you heard the song, the earth is fuckin’ flat!
no matter how they mock me man, they could never change that
debate me if you want I’m never backin’ down til it’s clearly settled
mind and body as one you can call me spirit level.

Freedom of speech is only free for Google
Stating the facts will get you axed off YouTube
Saying it’s flat will land your ass in the strike-zone
Gimme a bat, and I’ll strike back like a Sith lord
Globalist goons are making moves on your kids now
Every cartoon’s a freaking Freemasonic shit show
Just like the moon landing hoax and Sandy hook joke
Zionist Jews with fake news for the podunks
Get crunk on the junk that they feed ya
Believe that I got smack from the media
Get you hooked til you look like a creep
and you sound like a sheep and you act like a freak
cause you’ve all been deceived, given wrongs to believe,
and this song’s meant to be the wake-up call that you need
So please, while it’s still in existence,
download this music and use it distance
your consciousness from all this misinformation
you’re constantly bombarded with trepidation
in order to coddle thoughts of the nation
into a model designed by the Masons
for making complacent subjacent human
wage slaves to pave way for pay day consumers
make way and say hey to New World Order
That’s what’s coming. Nah, it’s already here.

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