Hollywood Dreamin’

Hollywood Dreamin’ is a conscious rap track from Eric Dubay and Seth Davis’ upcoming album Spirit Level:

Lyrics: Hollywood dreamin’ on a Universal logo
when you’re spinnin’ on a ball, critical thought is a no show.
the silver screen has everything laced with lie after lie
watched the stars all your life, but not the stars in the sky.

They had us Hollywood dreamin’ on a Universal logo
fantasies of bein’ Captain Kirk or better Han Solo
revisionist history and a one world future
alien contact and even sentient computers
your imagination dies, mind of their thoughts instead
not a single dream outside their evil media’s web
that’s where they want you, eyes locked on the lies
inculcatin’ your perspective contrived line after line
a few generations raised on TV and movies since birth
the symbol-minded sheep bleed for all that they are worth
herd mentality produced in pursuit of group truth
lookin’ for super-heroes ‘cuz they don’t know what to do
CGI so pervasive that you can’t even tell what is true
if you believe everything that you see on the news
dinosaurs, neanderthals, starlets covered in make-up
kill the Hollywood dreamin’, it’s beyond time to wake up

The onus of proof is the only untruth as you act all aloof and then claim it’s a spoof
because if it’s a ball you can show it to all and not say we’re too small like some ants on a wall
when water is level, there’s never a curve, and ants on a ball would always observe
a bend to exist, no matter the size, a billion times bigger it still would apply
a surface that bends can never be level, and anyone saying it can is the devil
like NASA with all of their ludicrous lies, hiding a serpent-tongue logo disguised
Fooling the masses is what they believe, NASA in Hebrew it means “to decieve”
They’re herding the sheep like benevolent shepherds while sharpening all of their slaughterhouse weapons
Yup, you’re gonna be beckoned, your masters have perilous plans for the peasants,
they’re planning to teach you a valuable lesson, and learning it probably won’t be too pleasant,
the jist of it is that you’re dumb as a door, nailed to the wall and through to the floor,
stuck in a rut unable to move, a frame and a knob with nothing to do
cause nothing exploded and then became you, an atheist’s wettest dream come true,
your father’s an ape, his dad was a fish, that slowly evolved by losing his gills
then flopping on land and breathing fresh air, he grew out his legs and added some hair,
fucked your grandmother right out of her chair, gave birth to your uncle the monkey right there

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